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The Attack is the 15th and 16th episode in Season 1. its also the last episode in Season 1 of Family. it will air January 15, 2017

Plot synopsis

Things get bad when the city is under attack by little pepole and more worse when there mother's old rival that killled the kids grandparents 18 years ago. They must battle the other side of Armegeddon.


  • This episode marks the first and last apperance of the Destroyer.
  • This is the last episode in Season 1.
  • Due to the cliffhanger things remain unkown
  • If Amervi survived the attack from The Liitle Pepole.
  • If the Destroyer survived the attack from there mother.
  • and where did Jacob go.
    • This is the series finale.
    • its unkown what the writers will do about the cliffhanger there's rumors about a movie.